Defenders of the #DongYanWedding reveal #Philippines' root cultural cancer

A lot of [Netizens'] comments [on the Dingdong-Marian "royal" wedding] is an obvious indication that we have millions of citizens who do not consider our country's situation as a form of emergency. The irony is that these people who apparently think that, just because they (and their friends or whatever) are not in a personal state of emergency, it means that this country is not; and that the people who are in it cannot even begin to spell the word 'emergency' because they are too hungry and homeless to give a damn. Things like these are indicators of the galactic disparity between the filthy (sic) poor and the filthy rich, and the apathetic middle class who think it's okay.

The apparent lack of our netizen's intellectual capacity though, is a more pressing issue since we, the more fortunate ones to even have the knowledge to use internet, should be representing the lower class. Yes, our lack of sensitivity to issues like poverty is an even greater reason for emergency. Sadly, we have the free time to even care about someone else's wedding when it's not even making a difference in our personal lives much less the society as a whole. But we don't even have five minutes to take a look at how many jobless people we have in the provinces, for example, for us to realize that our country's actual unemployment rate may be no less than 25% compared to the 6% figures the media is showing us. And that's just for starters.

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  1. im not a defender. but ur myopic view is similar to dongyan defenders. grp is butthurt, is screaming wag basagan ng trip or theory.

  2. GRP C'mon it's a fuckinf wedding. Who gives a fuck how much they spent? It gave jobs, it generated taxes, it helped with the circulation of money. What else do you want people to do? Stop acting like a toy-deprived kid and focus on real issues

  3. Sounds like you guys are the ones who are butthurt since GRP gave a different opinion. They are free to have a different opinion since they are not sheeple like you.


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