Inability of #Filipino elders to absorb alternative views hinders #Philippines progress

Sa atin kasi, yung mas matanda lang ang tama. Kahit tama ang bata tatawagin siyang bastos pag nilaban niya ang katwiran niya. Ang problema sa mga matatanda natin, tumanda sa walang kwentang turo kaya nasasaktan ang ego pag nasasagot ng tama. Instead na ipaliwanag sa anak kung bakit di pwede ang gusto o mali ang paniniwala, ang sasabihin lang ng magulang ay "dahil mas matanda ako sayo." Tumanda ang mga ninuno natin sa bobong kaugalian kaya gusto nilang ipasa sa atin ang kabobohan.

Makikita din ito sa trabaho. Nagseselos ang mga matatandang employee sa mga baguhang napopromote after 6 months. Hindi nila naisip na baka may magandang contribution yung napromote at hindi dahil loyal siya sa company. Ang nangyayari namemersonal ang matatanda at hindi sinusunod ang batang boss.

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  1. Yes, being elderly in a dysfunctional society as the Philippones entitles one to be always right: whether in political, religious or societal matters. Look at the CBCP's (no offense but most of them are old men) stand on matters like the RH Bill, look at Winnie Monsod's short-of-hysterical speech about students leaving the country. Even in workplaces, you'll always have to consult someone older or "senior" just because. Its sickening. I really can't blame detractors if they tag us Filipinos as idiots; for we even celebrate idiocy here. Lololol. XD

  2. Not only celebrate idiocy, most of the Filipinos actually put them IDIOTS in power.

  3. we are a country so hang up in the past that it is clouding our hindsight in the future. we live in a country where thinking differently is disrespectful of traditions and ways. always the same excuses "yan na ang nakasanayan" that's why we can't live past this mediocrity we call living. Why can't a student teach a teacher when he/she is right. Wisdom and knowledge change from time to time, what works now and what is right now, may not be right tomorrow. we must be open to new ideas.

    1. I remember answering once to a teacher, na which tama naman ako.

      sagutin ba naman ako ng 'eh kung ikaw na lang maging teacher?'

    2. This is what we need in our society "social conditioning" in order to put forth and inculcate new and innovative different degrees of ideas in order to fit in the right shoes for the Philippines swelling foot. Now that it is undeniably true that we are in a state of flux. Added to that it is no doubt that the Philippines remains the same, remains as stable as it can be for the past three decades, remains as a third world country and will still remain at the abyss of this fucking poverty if we just stay and do nothing about this dilemma right now. Moreover elders here in the Philippines have their bragging rights in a social equation because once your old you get to have a lot more wisdom than younger ones which is bulls't. That is why we need to submit to their orders because it's the belief that has been hardwired in the Philippine culture. That even if it's right or wrong you still have to do it. No matter what the consequences will be.


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