Imagine a world without #religion, nothing to live nor die for...

The irony of atheism becoming a religion on its own, not believing that a God exists is as man-made as believing that God exists..whether there's one or multiple ones out there. If there's one thing I do want, perhaps it is the abolishing of all religions, let's see if this world would be a better place. Seriously, so many atrocities, so many sufferings have been brought into in the name of "whoever they worship on" like wow, why would this be the beacon of so-called good? I think people have forgotten that even Christianity that prevails in this country has been forced upon us when in the beginning none of our ancestors ever knew about the man that was crucified for our so-called "sins". Our ancestors worshipped nature, well that's what my history books told me. If that is inaccurate feel free to correct me.

Anyway, it's even more ironic that atheists have a so-called "church", here I thought that being a non-believer is a personal thing and not a group way of thinking. What's next? Agnostics will have a congregation too?

With all due respect to the believers, believe what you may and what you wish but don't try to shove it in our throats. If we're interested, If I'm interested then I will sign up for it myself. But since I'm not, please leave me alone. With all due respect to the non-believers, if you don't believe what those believers think, you may do so. But there's no need to attack them for their beliefs, leave them alone and let them be. It all comes down to respecting one another with regards to that. Religion as well as politics is a divisive topic..

Last thing I want to say is, imagine this. If the Gods of different religions come together, they will most likely understand each other unlike their mortal followers who with their misguided sense of salvation preach the contradictions of what their true teaching is all about which is sad. Honestly, you don't need to be religious or even a religion to do good things to one another. It doesn't give you extra brownie points when you're too old to live.

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  1. May I ask u a question pls? So what atheist groups are serving the poorest of the poor? I have been the places where children are starving and thrown away. Who takes care of them Who feeds them? Who saves their lives, treating them with love? It isn't atheists. Who steals their supplies--charitable shipments sent for the poor? Atheistic politicians who hold the shipments in loading docs so that they can rummage through it and steal all of the good stuff for themselves. By the time missionaries get to it, its full of rats. There are so many places of the world that, if there were no Christians, more people would be dead, discarded, and without hope. There are many places of the world where if there were no Christians--very few truly good things would be happening. Think about all of the Christian charities that do great work in some of the most desolate and impoverished areas of the world...peace be with u


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