#Filipino #parents feel "disrespected" by kids' "talking back" w/ alternative points of view

Lagi kaming nagkaclash ng mama ko dahil lang sinasabi ko ang totoo or by simply voicing out an opinion that is different from hers.

When I voice out my opinion or inform them that certain things don't happen like this or that, my mom always regard that as a sign of disrespect. She tells me "matalino ka nga, nawawalan ka naman ng respeto sa kin. Sinasagot mo na ako."
And in my mind, I'm like "what??! When did telling the truth disrespectful?" tapos pag nagsasalita ako mahinahon pa. Yung tipong nag eeducate.

And then I told her "mama, when I clarify something, it's not my way of disrespecting you. Makinig ka rin sa opinyon ko para magets mo ang point ko." And no matter how hard I try to make her understand my point, she will still get hurt over my "talking back moments. Parang may mahalaga ang act kesa sa meaning ng opinyon ko.

Sometimes, I wish my parents are more open minded than they are today. I wish they treat their children as people who can think for themselves and reason. Minsan kasi it seems selfish na rin, To not let your children voice out their opinion just because they have diff. principles and perspectives. Kasi diba dapat ang mga parents nakikinig talaga? Dapat sila yung number 1 na nakikinig sa mga anak nila eh. Pero kadalasang nangyayari is that parents are regarded as higher beings who sat on a pedestal. Para silang tipong mga hari at reyna na hindi pwedeng salungatin or else your head will be on a spike. Ganung tipo.

It's kinda sad because my younger siblings cannot even say what they want to say just so they won't be deemed as disrespectful or whatever labels elders call it. Nakakaloka ang ganung mindset but I have learned my lessons na. I just don't clarify things. I let them believe what they want to believe.
Nakakapagod rin kasi. Tsaka choice nila yun. Mahirap kasing tulungan ang mga taong ayaw magpatulong.

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