Reverence for #Filipino elders' lies and half-truths keep #Philippines in the Dark Ages

Here is a letter from way way back that we featured in the early days. If you look past the challenged English you will see it brilliantly captures the whole problem with over-reverence for the "wisdom" of elders…

* * *

"we filipinos are so hypocrete. we live on lies and half truth. 

"when I was a kid (am now 40 [years old]) our elders never give us straight answer. one day while playing to my female friend, we were both taking a bath (nude and I was 5 [years old]) I shout "ay pepe" [and] my aunt scolded me for saying bad words. 

"another was, when I ask my aunt again how did I come out in this world. and without hesitation she said 'galing ka sa puwet'.

"there's alot more lies and half truth i learn from my elders, when we went to US at my age of 10 [years old], I was so surprised how ordinary folks explain everything as if am talking to them as the same age as mine. up to now am still wandering why we filipinos doesnt treat kids as intellectual and the future of our country, in the philippines, youth are deprive of ideas what is better for them."

* * *

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