How history will remember President #Noynoy Aquino post 2016

Post 2016, Penoy Aquino will be portrayed as the head of state who initially captured the imagination of the world when he propounded that his administration would be hallmarked by honesty, integrity and, above all, prosperity. A stark contrast to the perceived corruption of his predecessor.

History will remember Penoy Aquino as…

A mediocre personality who was elected to the highest office in the land based not on merit or capability, but on the memory of his dead parents.

A lacklustre leader who appointed unqualified cronies (a majority of whom have never been confirmed by Congress) to sensitive government positions and who have repeatedly been shown on video to be violating the law in complete disregard of their oath of office and the code of conduct they are sworn to uphold.

An indifferent administrator who, instead of allowing the designated anti-terrorist elements to do their job, bypassed the specialists and assigned an untrained, ill-equipped, publicity-hungry crony in the police to handle a hostage situation which resulted in the very public murders of several Chinese tourists. A tragedy for which Penoy stubbornly refuses refuses to acknowledge responsibility, much less express sympathy or regret.

A closet narcissist who places more importance in conducting his non-story 'love affair' in front of news cameras than formulating public policy.

A middle aged buffoon suffering a midlife crisis who shut down major thoroughfares so that he could drive his Porsche 911 above the speed limit.

LAZY. He passed no legislation while he was a member of Congress nor did his administration push through any measures that weren't legally defective. After nearly four years, the Philippines still exists in a state of inertia. NONE of the essential infrastructure projects he promised have gotten any significant headway. Worse he went back on international agreements already signed by previous administrations. One result of which has been the recent flooding in Metro Manila when Penoy discontinued a flood control project consummated during President Arroyo's administration.

Coupled with the laziness is the glaring evidence that Penoy is…

A STUPID AND INCOMPETENT MANAGER. He has hired incompetent and ill-suited people to run key departments in his administration. He's filled the DOTC with lawyers when the agency needs ENGINEERS. As a result, four years of Penoy has FAILED to produce any roads or airports or new power plants. ALL of which he promised at the start of his term. He's even held up completion of the projects that were already under way before he took office.

The second Aquino to plunge the Philippines into DARKNESS. This is self-evident. No new power plants, ergo less power for a growing number of consumers. In 2014 the country faces one of the worst power shortages in its history. Akin to the energy crisis created by Penoy's mother, the late Cory Aquino. Mindanao already experiences 12 hour blackouts. Luzon and the Visayas look to follow suit within the next few weeks.

A heartless oligarch who presided over a growing population of impoverished Filipinos while a larger proportion of the country's wealth became allocated to Filipino 'elite' — the EXACT OPPOSITE of the Penoy administration's raison d'ĂȘtre.

A bumbling diplomat who arrogantly tried to goad China into a shooting war with the expectation he could go crying to the United States to bail him out.

And worst of all…

A hypocritical, lying thief who created the highly questionable 'Disbursement Allocation Program' — a largely unaccountable executive policy (with little or no oversight), that expands on the anomaly-riddled funding program originally created by his mother, Cory Aquino, to facilitate the redistribution of the taxpayers' money to cronies and allies for their personal use.

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  1. All true, funny but more tragic than not. :(

  2. Truth hurts,... question is what will PeNoy do about it?

  3. And then some sectors in our society try to insert Kris Aquino to become the next president? Well, in the first place, Benigno Simeon Tralala Cojuangco Aquino would not have been our president had not an equally incompetent Corazon Aquino died. And Corazon Aquino would not have become our lame duck president had not Benigno Aquino Jr. died. Given the above trending events, Kris could only be president if Simeon Tralala dies, perhaps in an assassination, or via oversexed by his loverboys (Mar Roxas and company).


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