Daughter defends dad: Julia Abad testimonial highlights Ph #Kamaganak Inc culture

Julia Abad, chief of the Presidential Management Staff, and daughter of Budget Secretary Butch Abad recently posted on her Facebook page a statement in defence of her father. She writes that the public should not let allegations made by Janet Lim-Napoles "shake our belief that a reformist public service is possible."

She goes on to state "I am Julia Abad, government employee, wife and mother. And I am proud to tell you, Butch Abad is my father."

On the one hand, this sounds like a testament to the Abad family's commitment to a tradition of public service. Considering Ms Abad's mother, Henedina Razon, now serves as Representative of Batanes, not a few Filipinos will see this as confirmation that, for the Abads, POLITICS is a FAMILY BUSINESS. Furthermore, it's a reminder that their family's close relationship with the Aquinos stretches back to 1989 when Butch Abad served as DAR Secretary. Not to be overlooked is the fact that the Abad family's presence in three key positions — PMS Chief, Budget Secretary and Congresswoman — could influence and facilitate the transfer of DAP money to Batanes.

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  1. Yeah, funny how Batanes, one of the smallest of barangays received P200 million in funding in 2011 while other much larger barangays got far less funding. And funny how after being allocated all those funds that Batanes remains poor with hardly any progress to show.

  2. Batanes seems to be a rugged and firmly rooted place. It is beautiful in its simplicity. Tere is Honesty Cafe', no server, no cashier, get want you want and pay, it is all about Honesty. Its houses are sturdy, its architecture is suited for its harsh, windy environment. Ping Lacson can adapt Batanes housing modules as ones that can be done in Eastern Visayas as part of his rehabilitatio reconstruction, and build-back-better program. Batanes geography is at the tip of Northern Philippines, just a cock-crow away from the Island of Formosa (Taiwan). Its rugged terrain, rocky mountains, and vast sea make for an adventurous and simple touristic sojourn. The Abads and Lizardos have preserved the culture and tradition of the place. It has some great artistic resource that contributed much to Singapore cultural and artistic landscape courtesy of Butch Abad's sister. The country can learn much and adapt many things, culturally and artistically, from Batanes.

    1. sayang lang ang beauty ng batanes,..kung may nakatirang demunyu..


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