#Filipinos think the #Philippines is a democracy because they don't understand what a #democracy is! #ASEAN

The main problem is that Filipinos in general have given up hoping that they some day will be blessed with an honest administration which would be able to work for the people.

It is true that The Philippines call themselves a democracy but that is probably because they do not fully understand what a democracy really is.
One of the most important principles in a democracy is that the people elect the members of a parliament and that means that everybody in parliament become CIVIL SERVANTS which again means that these people are elected by the people, for the people. Taking that principle to its extreme it is fully legal in a real democracy to call the president or prime minister IDIOT. You can by nature attack the position but not the person. Hence, you cannot call the president or prime minister a traitor etc.

The principle in a real democracy is that you have walls between your branches. The government cannot instruct the courts about how to carry out their function, nor can the courts instruct the police how to carry out their function.
In a real democracy, the armed forces are kept in a box and if a military person is caught outside a base with a fire arm that person will be arrested by the police and convicted by a civilian court. That is a true democracy.

I grew up in a country where we during The Cold War had the largest amount of military hardware ever assembled standing almost at our doorstep but I still never saw the military at all unless a column of military trucks and tanks were escorted by the police going from a military base to a shooting range.
These are principles and a level of discipline that simply do not exist in The Philippines and the reason for the problems in The Philippines is related to the absence of those principles.

The Philippines have a lot of natural resources. The people in general can be very resourceful but due to the culture of corruption and incompetence no positive change never really seem to materialize and that is sad.

Once upon a time before the reign of Ferdinand Marcos, The Philippines were the second largest economy in South East Asia and did really well.

Since Marcos, that way of life was forgotten and the country has since then been floating around in the bottom of the barrel in South East Asia so to speak.

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