In perspective: former Pres. Gloria Arroyo laid the foundations for today's GDP growth #ASEAN

If FPJ won the 2004 elections, we would be in shambles today. Give credit where credit is due. PGMA did what is needed to our economy during her term. She swallowed the bitter pill. If not for her economic policies, our economy would not been shielded from the effects of the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Take note that back in 2008 the Philippines is part of a handful of countries who experienced economic growth. The strong economic foundation that the present administration is enjoying were the works of PGMA.

One good example, the law that standardizes the salary of government workers was not from the PNoy administration, it was signed by law during PGMA's.

The economic plan that saved our economy from the effects of the EU Financial crisis in 2010 were from PGMA.

Imagine, if someone who has not enough balls to swallow the bitter pill became president back in 2004, we won't be enjoying what we have today.

Yes, her administration was marred with corruption, but I would prefer that than to have my family hungry.

To quote someone from Tondo, "Mabuti pa noon kay Arroyo nakakain kami, eto nga nasa daang matuwid daw pero gutom kami!"

Corruption is found in every country. They just mastered the art of corruption. Their greed is tempered compared to those who are serving in our government. In other countries if someone pay $100 in taxes, $80 goes to the public and $20 goes to their pockets. Here, in every $100 paid in taxes, $80 goes to the pocket and $20 goes to the public.

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  1. only 80% goes to the pockets of the corrupt officials? Heh, I thought it was more like 95 - 99%

  2. I rather go hungry than see these crocodiles bastardised our values...


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