#PNoy set the dead-parent template strategy for winning presidential elections! #Elections2016

Noynoy Aquino it seems has provided Grace Poe the template to pole vault over a dead parent's corpse into an elected position. The guy has been dead over nine years. Noynoy, Nancy and Grace. What do they have in common? Pinoys respond to Inherit instead of earn. The Filipino rarely discerns when it comes to their politicians. That's why the baduy vote is so important. Capture the baduy vote with bells, whistles, colors, famous dead relatives, vague slogans, corny jingles , artistas.

Having seen Noynoy in "action" for 4 years now, I am not sure whether he or FPJ would make a better partner on Jeopardy. Yet the same people who once said "eeewww FPJ, vigorously support Noynoy. Does not compute.

When you don't feel like thinking , resort to emo. Works everytime for the pinoy. The same people who looked down at others emotionally drawn into FPJ themselves got drawn into Noynoy. As Tom Hopkins the great sales trainer always says "people buy emotionally then defend logically" . My reason for writing all that I have about Noynoy since 2009 is to cut through all the crap. Unfortunately Pinoy emo is really a tough nut to crack.

Noynoy did not win in 2010 through hard work, a bloated resume, experience, achievement and merit. He won through emo, massive generalizations, deception, misrepresentation, symbolism, bogeyman stories and taking advantage of freak timing. Face it, FPJ tried a similar route in 2004. Oh and FPJ just like the current president avoided debates during the campaign. Which speaks ill of them but even worse of us the voters and our future. The message the voters are sending is the debates do not matter. Intellect and logic do not matter. Noynoy/ FPJ tactics and qualifications matter. Yeah Pinoy Pride!

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