To all #Iglesia ni Cristo apologists...

To repeat the question: How does blocking Roxas Boulevard (or any other major thoroughfare) make up for its economic costs? So far none have provided a detailed description of how exactly this charity event helps the victims of Yolanda/Haiyan or how they make up for the economic costs in any way.

Good intentions are not a good answer and dodging the question by making flawed comparisons to other equally dubious religious events doesn’t cover it. Saying that we should all be grateful that it is showcasing unity instead of divisiveness is disingenuous at best.

Also, you can’t blame people for being skeptical of your organization’s motives given your political history and organizational structure. The leader of the INC holds far more sway over its followers than the Pope does over Catholics, making it more like a cult than a bona fide religion.



  1. "How does blocking Roxas Boulevard (or any other major thoroughfare) make up for its economic costs?"

    Do you have the figures on the economic loses brought by yesterday's event?

  2. Do you have the figures on the economic loses brought by yesterday's event?
    "..approximately P140 billion per year..." -
    So that's around P383 million daily on the average or maybe greater for days when major roads are blocked by activities such as "charity walks".

    1. It was done on a weekend and many establishments are closed during that day. Schools and companies that are suppose to operate that day had already cancelled their respective classes/work when the charity walk was announced. Also, it was only Roxas boulevard that was closed so other roads are passable. With that, the impact to the economy can be minimum.

    2. Yes, many but not all. Some schools and companies may have still operated during that day but as you said, with the knowledge of your charity walk, they were cancelled. Yes, only Roxas Boulevard but you know that when a major road is blocked, it causes heavy traffic on other roads. Ok, since it's a weekend, let's assume that economic losses are less, say 50% of the average. Do you think P190 million is a "minimum" impact?

    3. Alright. Let start calculating. The 380 million economic loss you are saying is for the entire Metro Manila. Not just for the City Manila. Roxas Boulevard was opened to motorists at around 2:00 PM. When I went home, I was able to ride a jeepney and it only stopped on red lights. Which means no major impact on traffic. In fact, I haven't heard any news from major networks that there is a severe clogging during that time.

      The World Wide Charity Walk has a positive impact on the economy. Here's why:

      1. Increase ridership in LRT/MRT.
      2. Increase ridership in Jeepneys.
      3. Increase ridership in Buses.
      4. You cannot see an empty Restaurant all throughout the day. I even managed to eat at a small carenderia.
      5. Malls nearby are jam packed.
      6. After the event, many participant went to divisoria. So we should expect an increase in sales.
      7. Vendors are smiling because their carts are emptied.

      If Benigno will just be open-minded, he should have seen this. It's just that he can't set the facts straight.

    4. Assumes the people only ride the trains/jeeps/buses to attend the event. Assumes the people who are hungry go to fill each and every restaurant in manila. Assumes everyone who goes to the mall/divisoria bought something. Assumes people buy-out the products of street vendors just because they are there.

  3. having said all that stuff .. what does that mean to you, i mean so what? why is that you keep on asking us what was lost during that day? Millions of pesos have been lost everyday anyway, even before WWW has been launched, millions of pesos have been lost due to voluminous traffic congestion, corruption, tardiness of those "bright-and-all-knowing-fair-critics" like you are; spending precious time writing down article like this hoping that someone would get you an answer. Oh yes, my answer is, yes, we lost financially for a day, but what we did as Iglesia Ni Cristo definitely put a mark to us Filipinos that we can do something extra ordinary by joining hand in hand. It is that simple thing that people like you are not capable of understanding. are you jealous or what? And oh yes, I will put my name here, not just a random GOOGLER who's tough enough to criticize INC using a very known name.

    1. Who's asking what? Mr. Edwin Capidos was the one who was asking for figures and I just gave him that. So we'll just block every street there is since millions are lost everyday anyway? I'm always the earliest "bright-and-all-knowing-fair-critic" because i know the traffic situation here. You know what, I doubt that the charity part of it was the main purpose. The world record was almost always highlighted instead even in the posts of your "kapatids" about the charity walk. And yes, I'll use Googler because I can. You don't really need to know me.

    2. I wonder how much money the Filipinos lost when a INC-backed government official wins? Would it be more than the stars in the observable universe? Will whatever "gains" we have remaining after the Cult of Manalo is done with their share be of any worth to the community (and not just the INC community)?

  4. Hahaha! Kakatawa nmn itong googler na ito, laki ng problema.. daming duda sa katawan..

  5. Ganyan tlga mga haters! Galit na galit sila kapag nakakabasa o nakakakita ng mga magagandang write ups, ng good deeds, ang gagawin pa nga nyan hahanap pa tlga yan ng butas pra gawing negatibo ang positibo.. kelan man hndi yan makakakita ng kabutihan sa kapwa nya kung puro galit laman ng puso nya.. ska pakitaan mo man ng mabuti yan, d nya kyang tanggapin yan, lalong nabubuhay ang mapanirang isipan nyan.. kawawa ang mga katulad mo GOOGLer!

  6. ngayun anu masasabi, ito na po ang resulta ng batiikos mo!!


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