The difference between a real #whistleblower and a mere #snitch

Too many ‘whistleblowers’ – too much NBI incompetence.

Whistleblower – uninvolved in the crime and motivated by ethics/principles;

Squealers – participant in crime, and trading information for leniency/immunity.

Tuason is a criminal, squealing only when caught to save her own neck. So far she has said next to nothing, and should neither be heralded, nor disproportionately rewarded, if at all.

Prosecuting Tuason would send a stronger and clearer message, than treating her as a ‘celebrity’. And i am sure she will not lose her wealth – i imagine she is actually being paid by Pnoy Aquino.
Whose next – Gigi Reyes, then the whole of the napoles family. NBI not even looking for napoles brother ( most probably know where he is and the deal was to leave him alone).



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