Smart Pinoys are everywhere - except in the #Philippines it seems

I wish the girl that I really liked in U.P. Diliman had read this and paid attention to me. I devoured books in the Philippines. True, it was difficult to find books prior to U.P. (my town’s public library was a joke; it was tough to convince parents to buy books not needed for school; there were no book-exchange clubs or anything). But when I got to U.P., the library was well stocked and I met friends and profs who were readers themselves. I read the classics and the best of English and Russian writers. This habit continues today. My work in the U.S. is essentially to think and write and I can’t believe I’m being paid to do just that. (I would have done it gratis with food and lodging.)

I remember that time the best way to get a date in U.P. was to have a car. Nope, Pinays ain’t into brainiacs. They’re into dudes who smoked and always into inuman.

Fast forward 25 years and on my visit back, I was horrified to see my peers who were hotsies in AS101 in their 20s become pot belied and fat and really looking old. The women who looked hot then have doubled in size and looked like they’ve accepted their fates that they are in mid-life and are therefore physically weak (they’re only in their late 40s!)

I did find a pinay date, got married, and now that I have a daughter, I am teaching her by example that character and intellect are foremost.

Funny, there are many many pinoys in pinas that are anti-intellectual, yet we are the brainiac family in my U.S. town. Both parents have PhDs Our pinoy friends, kids ninangs, titos and titas are PhDs as well.

Smart pinoys are out there. Just check the company you keep.



  1. "there are many many pinoys in pinas that are anti-intellectual, yet we are the brainiac family in my U.S. town." Say again? How'd you suddenly jump to that conclusion and how does it parallel with your 'status' in a "U.S. town?" I'm not following the progression here.


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