Philippine #AntiCybercrime law expected to be abused in lead-up to 2016 presidential #elections #notocybercrimelaw

The treachery of the Aquinos continues with traitor PNoy Aquino. The cybercrime law will be misunderstood by many netizens, and misused by many politicians, particularly in the lead up to 2016 elections.

The perceived threat will be sufficient for some to still their voice, and for others to erroneously use as harassment, which could well backfire on them.

The astute politician would realise that support for the decriminalisation of libel alone, without even full repeal, would gain significant popularity/votes and not really give that much away in practical terms, but send a strong and positive message to all, however sitting on the fence/saying nothing now will not endear them to voters at a later date.

Decriminalisation of libel would also carry favour with UN and the international community who continue to regard the Philippines as a backwater of failed democracy despite all the support it has been given.

In the few countries where criminal libel laws still apply it is to the detriment of free speech and the free flow of information. And these are countries which are not concerned about an ordinary individual's reputation, but purely about silencing dissent.

'The best weapons of a dictatorship is fear and secrecy, but the best weapons of a democracy should be freedom of expression and freedom of information' - Niels Bohr



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