#Corrupt #PNoy gov't continues to fail to explain where #DAP millions were spent on

Nothing embodies, reflects, and also exposes, the myriad corrupt practices of pnoy aquino, mar roxas et al, more than the machinations surrounding DAP. (Disbursement Acceleration Programme)

Leaving aside the constitutional/legal issues, the actions themselves by the administration leaders, the outright lies of butch abad, the intense secrecy, and logic itself, dictate that vast sums of tax-payers money is being siphoned off and used for bribery, campaign funding, personal use etc.

An administration who looks to gain maximum mileage from any 'good news', and which is devoid of concrete plans to increase jobs, elects to stay very quiet about DAP from the outset.

When the secrecy of DAP was exposed, the administration fought tooth and nail from answering the obvious and simple questions - which projects benefitted? Where did the money go?

They refused to say how the billions of pesos had been spent. Now we know why.

The administration which trumpets accountability and transparency at any opportunity have still not submtted a list of projects despite an SC judgement to do so.

When the propaganda machine failed to convince people who have already lost trust in pnoy to simply trust them, nobody did, and so attempts were made to delay SC oral arguments, and then consider the proceedings 'moot' were both a desperate attempt to hide the truth and a tacit admission of wrongdoing, and also a devious attempt to keep 'the principle of DAP' alive for future resurrection come 2016 elections no doubt.

So can this self-proclaimed paragon of transparency simply produce the list of projects/beneficiaries. Give the people some good news. Don't be shy.

I won't hold my breath for answers.

Pnoy aquino - Corrupt to the core, bereft of integrity, and incompetence personified.



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