PNoy ignores critics at his own peril #noynoying

Pnoy aquino, in his typical 'ostrich head in the sand' approach to life, has said that he will ignore his critics in 2014. ( very revealing that this is his main 2014 resolution. Nothing to do with helping others or the country, just about protecting his own low self-esteem/image, and abysmal performance. He is so screwed up - Every utterance gives him away, without him even realising it.

Hello baldy, these 'critics' now constitute circa 75% of the population, and growing - i.e those who you used to hypocritically call your bosses, and you say you are going to ignore them. How arrogant and divisive, and the height of stupidity. A sham president of a sham democracy where politicians are simply scam merchants. And pnoy aquino is the enabler. It makes him just as guilty.

So the reality is what we already knew. Pnoy aquino will only serve the cojuangco-aquino self interests, his oligarch paymasters such as the lopez's etc., and those intellectual pygmies who wear a yellow ribbon ( fewer and fewer as the surveys show). He will not listen to those who know more, and who put progress before patronage, people before politics, and prosperity before persecution.

"A good statesman/leader, like any other sensible human being, always learns more from his opponents than from his fervent supporters.... So if he is wise he ought to pray never to be left without opponents, for they keep him on the path of reason and good sense."
Walter lippman

Pnoy aquino is certainly justifying his position as No. 1 in the global poll of the worlds worst leaders, and also as the philippines best comedian. He could play 2 of the 3 monkeys - hear no evil, see no evil - the other one is beyond him.

Anyone with a modicum of intellect and integrity will only look upon pnoy aquino as a typical 3rd world trapo, devoid of charisma, achievements, leadership skills, passion, endeavour, and empathy.

People are also quite right to express disgust at someone who so blatantly lied to get elected and then reneged on every promise he made. That is not politics. That is simply cheap and tacky marketing - the kris aquino model.

Pnoy aquino's only hope now is to ditch roxas - easy to do - and support binay in 2016. That will show just how desperate the criminal pnoy aquino is to escape jail, and that everything frim the outset was driven by self interest with no thought about the country. Shades of his traitor grandfather - the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

2017 - pnoy aquino in jail. Gloria arroyo free. Poverty still 27%. The games trapos play.



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