Modern call centres need problem solvers, not onion-skinned crybabies!

In the 1980′s corporate computing became mainstream and ludicrous predictions were made about the millions of programmers who would be needed.


Technology developed at such a pace that new approaches and solutions became available. The technology graveyard is full of incorrect predictions.

Companies, processes, and the nature of work are in constant change particularly as transformational structures and leadership models are established and as core processes are integrated on increasingly seamless global platforms able to rapidl adapt to new customers and changin patterns of demand. Rapid and flexible response is todays corporate mantra.

Call centres/bpo are an important cog in the wheel, but what the philippines and all aspiring service providers must remember is that the future winners will be those who spot the trends, rapidly adapt, and come up with creative solutions which add value.

The danger is that the philippines is demand driven and not in itself innovating or creating home grown benefits simply implementing what others have developed and which demands high level input/expertise from overseas to project plan implement and oversee.

Those same corporations who currently use call centres/bpos in philippines/elsewhere are also doing something else.
Thinking how they can avoid using call centres altogether. It is the next logical/strategic step in process re-engineering where the driver is not cost reduction but customer loyalty/knowledge.

If i want to know my customer i or my staff speak to him, not someone thousands of miles away who has never been in the country and can't relate to local etiquette, events, culture, idiosyncracies and more importantly doesnt know the business/psychological profile of the customer


If a call centre handles a company's customer complaints costs can be saved by moving it overseas. Better still stop customer complaints at source ? happier customers, increased sales, no need for call centre

Not so long ago if you send a parcel by fedex you would phone the call centre to ask where it was. Not now. I can track its every movement on my smartphone and even be automatically advised if there is any delay. most majors are going this route. i do not want my customers to have to phone anything.

I also do not want to annoy them with sales calls. i want predictive technology to know what they want and when and be a concierge service at their convenience, not a bloody nuisance interrupting their meeting or football match

Heineken beer used to have an advert. A phone ringing in an empty office. Guy passing in corridor goes in. Dust everywhere through no use. Old sign on wall. Customer complaints department. He tentatively picks up the phone.
'Is that danish butchers'


Oh sorry wrong number

Heineken ? total satisfaction is our goal, and customers seem to agree

People sticking their head in the sand or adopting island mentality will jeopardise progress and maybe explains why so many latch on to other people's success rather than create their own and cannot raise the bar above wowowillie mentality.

Ideas create money, not vice versa.

Call centres need creative problem solvers with exemplary interpersonal skills, and not so onion skinned that one joke gets them throwing their headset out of the cubicle.



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