Global community tired of begging bowl syndrome and victim mentality of the #Philippines

There is actually something worse than being a loser – somebody that doesn't even try.

If the vast majority of filipinos are resigned to their fate then so be it.
Maybe better that the rest of the world invests in countries/people who care and have some passion rather than complete subservience, and that is already happening.

Look at the difference in thailand and india. They will suffer short term problems/difficulties but come out of it all the better/stronger.

Myanmar is another example, and are being rewarded for their spirit and progress.

The begging bowl syndrome and victim mentality of the philippines is old hat. People are tired of it, the world has moved on, and is regarding the philippines as an inconsequential nuisance.

The signs are that even american aid/support will change/decrease given the current thinking and long term strategy in washington. Then the philippines is really up the creek without a paddle.
The rest of the world will always need cleaners/housemaids/whores.

But the country will never earn respect that way, or resolve its structural/ societal problems if foreign aid and ofw remittances are all it relies upon.
Time to grow up.

The philippines is in charge of its own destiny so people should stop whining and step up, shut up, or eat sh!t for the rest of their lives.



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