Former #OFW now successful #BPO company owner and proud mother of 2 college grads!

I am a mother, who spent 20 years working overseas, cleaning other people’s toilets, mopping other people’s floors and raising other people’s children. All in a desperate bid to make sure my own two girls graduated college. They did.

Since 2006, I have owned and operated a small BPO in Davao and I am proud to be a small part of an industry that has created over 800,000 jobs. What does 800,000 jobs really mean? As a former OFW, I will tell you EXACTLY what it means.

It means 800,000 Mothers, Fathers,Sons and Daughters who will now stay in the Philippines instead of being ripped from their families and shipped overseas.

It means millions and millions of Filipino children will have a mother at home to kiss the hurt and tell them they are deeply loved.

It means millions of Filipino children will have a father at home to offer a guiding hand.

The answer to poverty in the Philippines is jobs.

Whatever the shortcomings the IT-BPO industry may have, one thing is certain. The 800,000 jobs they have created in the span of a few short years is heroic.



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