Gov. Vilma Santos of #Batangas: speaking without sounding like a politician

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I know this comment that I'm about to make will elicit violent reactions from many, but I must say that my previous prejudice against movie stars running for elective positions in the country was wiped out when I watched Batangas governor Vilma Santos-Recto being interviewed on TV.

She's about the only politician I've ever heard speaking who didn't sound like a politician at all. She sounded very sincere and matter-of-fact, and certainly not politically correct, even saying that the people would have to do something about their attitudes, and even castigating a town mayor in Batangas for not considering the traffic situation in the area where a public market was to be erected before constructing it, saying that before constructing any building, a thorough study including even the traffic that will emanate from it has to be conducted. She even said that she thinks that the country's political parties, including her own, should not be highly exclusive and should recruit and develop even new, unpopular personalities who have good leadership potential.

When asked if she has plans of running for a national position as she's already a third termer as Batangas governor and can no longer run for another term, she said that she really isn't thinking about it yet because she wants to do even better service to the people of Batangas on this her last term, to "leave the post with honor." I was thinking, maybe the leader we really need is someone like Gov. Vi who sincerely cares about the people and though isn't as highly educated as other politicians shows signs of being very intelligent and takes her role seriously by studying it thoroughly before assuming the post (Gov. Vi took a crash course on local governance from UP that zeroed in on Batangas).

It's too early for me to make up my mind on whom to support for president in 2016 (I initially wanted Gibo, but I'm not even sure he's running again or will win), but it just crossed my mind that maybe I can consider Gov. Vi.



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