Indeed, govt resources shouldve dwarfed all private sector efforts in this crisis @gangbadoy @radikalchick

As usual, NGO and volunteer resources and funds stepped in and stood out in this crisis, which is all admirable of course. However, a situation where that becomes routine (1) highlights the overall systemic inadequacy of our society and state in dealing with disasters and (2) is a sub-optimal response to crises because a disjoint kanya kanya operation lacks scale and efficiency and is prone to waste.

Ideally, government should be in full control of a crisis response, and the private sector, where they respond, subordinate to government management.

As Ina (and Randy David back in the Ondoy days) already pointed out, we cannot routinely rely on private sector resources to stopgap what government should have been keeping systemically sound to begin with. Illegal logging and inappropriate human settlement by the very nature of the terms already highlight where we as a society fail and where the lessons should be coming from.

[Above is a response to a Twitter conversation here.]


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