Raissa Robles says 'rule of law' is now a detestable notion @raissawriter

Suddenly the notion of rule of law detestable. Reporter Raissa Robles quotes it in all caps and in bold all over a recent article and says that she "grimaces" whenever she now comes across that term. Not coincidentally, the notion of rule of law lately hasn't really been working in favour of the lynch mob to which Robles belongs to.

What they are doing now is plain demagoguery. Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is right at least on this one. People may say "demagoguery daw" with sarcasm (the way juveniles do at a schoolyard). But that's exactly what it is. For lack of a solid foundation to build a sound argument upon it has now become a circus of stirring up emotional fanaticism and clouding logic using persuasion devices not too different from the sort used by cult leaders on their ignorant flock.

The Crusades along with its close cousin The Inquisition as well as various crimes against humanity perpetrated in the name of various gods over our history as a species rank among some of the most outrageous instances of wholesale misguidance. There are three key elements that underpin the psychology that drives human stampedes of the scales seen in the crusades and other instances of genocide that pepper human history: a perverse mission, prevalent flawed thinking, and extreme deference.

What better way to illustrate the above psychological underpinnings by using — what else — a renowned modern-day Medieval society such as what can be found in the Philippines!


  1. She's now bordering into idiocy. In the end, Corona and his wife still DON'T OWN THOSE PROPERTIES! Now, do we need to impeach the daughter too?


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