Conrado 'Noynoy is Aragorn' de Quiros wants to wave a magic wand to get SC Chief Justice Renato Corona to resign

Conrado "Noynoy is Aragorn" de Quiros is obviously not a sportsman at heart. He keeps score of the rulings of what he describes as a Philippine Supreme Court made up of "Arroyo's Justices" and notes the current score is 19-0 in favour of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. De Quiros is shittin' bricks as he regards this score. He then goes around stomping his feet in a tantrum spitting rubber bullets about how things must be this or things should be that.

Here is a example of some items in his quaint wishlist of things that ought to be in the la-la world of his little mind from his latest piece on the

"reason is more powerful than the Court"

"historical experience is more powerful than the Court"

"common sense is more powerful than the Court"

He then goes to the "point" he wanted to make -- that current SC Chief Justice Renato Corona ought to "resign from the Court as a matter of duty, or from life as a matter of honor."

Tsk tsk.

Tough luck gramps. Everything was done according to the rules, dude. What you are asking for requires the same sort of "magic" that harks back to the days when Filipinos still counted dancing the ocho-ocho in the streets of Manila as a sensible political option to circumvent due process and get something done outside the framework of The Law.

Perhaps every now and then we get our noses bloodied when navigating some flailing elbows on our way to take a shot in an exciting game of basketball. But if the referee does not call a foul, a real sportsman will simply play on and wait for the next shot -- and, as a bonus, maybe himself put an elbow up the chin of the bloke who bloodied his nose; hopefully in a way that can't be called by the same referee.

A guy like de Quiros who'd rather wait for Aragorn to swoop in and save the day.


  1. pathetic lap-dog....

  2. Sad to say, I used to respect this writer. It's too sad that he became infected by the yellow zombie horde. He became a pathetic lapdog of mr. "I slept while a hostage crisis was going on".

  3. Conrado "Gandalf" De Quiros

  4. Noynoy isn't aragorn, he is more like gollum

  5. gandalf and gollum...teeheehee!


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