Intersection of Racism and Respect

I posted the following message across Facebook in the last 24 hours and the discussion taking place is rather interesting. I'd like to share this here and see what, if anything, transpires.

I don't understand why people are having a hissy fit over a Filipino being executed in China over drug trafficking. You break the rules, you pay the penalty baby. That's how the system works. Just because your home country's government is adept at widespread lawlessness and lack of enforcement doesn't mean it works the same way abroad. I'd love to flip the bird to BI and quit paying for visa extensions, not to mention half a dozen other rules foreigners have to follow (because the chips are stacked against us), but I understand and follow the motto "when in Rome"...IN SHORT, QUIT WHINING.


  1. Correct..when in Rome be a Roman...follow the rules and regulations of the host country...if one crosses it be ready to be crucified and don't cry asking for made a choice so be it...

  2. Mao jud. I don't take excuses when it comes to poverty, ignorance of the law and bleeding hearts. If the law is truly unjust, then it is not a law, therefore it requires a show of social protest, not a lot of armchair philosophizing & monday morning quarterbacking.


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