President Noynoy Aquino attacked by peace symbol

It's a sign...



  1. Yeah, doves, the symbol of peace, have always hated him and have attacked him in the past too.

  2. Foreshadowing much?
    Sign that dark times are coming under his administration but
    His dictatorship wont survive 2012

  3. Photo Shop anyone?

  4. That's not photoshop. It was in the news after it happened.

  5. he hates peace, peace hates him..simple logic anyone?

  6. peace never interpreted on shadows! its non sense to say doves hated him?. according to the pics its a sweet sign that a dove go over his head. its his master, what can you say? dictatorship as you think it is maybe the right thing to do than the past that so many Self Profit Motives. that dove will not even go above Her head!.


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