Purpose and Reason

Kanoy -2. An American who is considered Filipino at heart. It is a word combination of "Pinoy" (Tagalog word for Filipino), and "Kano" (Tagalog word for American)
After my debut post, I would like to introduce myself to the readers, you out there who care about this country, these topics, as much as I do. I have chosen this name, not carefully, but out of experience. When you assign value to something, to someone perhaps, that value becomes its own living entity and it begins to take on its own form and shape over time. As names go, I could do much worse and Kanoy suits me just fine. It literally describes my nature as I not only wish to see, but actively participate in the drive to push this country to its greatest potential. I am American, yes.. I still get baffled by Filipino behaviors and such occasionally. I believe efficiency is the best way to conduct one's daily affairs. I cannot tolerate certain kinds of Filipino food, as in I cannot digest them without becoming ill. But part of me is certifiably Pinoy, and I would venture to guess as most of you may, that organ would be my heart.

My reasoning skills are still intact, I'm not feeling based as many pinoys are, but as the great hymnal goes in America, "This land is your land, This land is my land." I love this country even with its sociopolitical ugliness and corruption. How wonderful that line would be if that were the truth and not just an ideal: The 60/40 provisions live on! I deeply care about the direction we are heading as a country, as a nation of people. We seem to be a tribe without a leader, a rebel without a cause. This saddens me, but I write and work not out of pity, but of empathy for the Filipino condition. I only serve a purpose to stir the minds of Filipinos unwilling to accept the frantic pace of self-destruction seemingly now woven into the culture. I reach out to you, the reader and activist, the casual politician and armchair philosopher, in a gesture of confidence and trust that the present is not the future;you must believe the power of many also stems from the power of one. I invite you to comment and interact and I look forward to the years ahead in which we build a new Pinas, one that allows its people to provide for themselves and achieve their goals..a Pinas in which all are represented, not just the oligarchy's interests. A Pinas in which we can truly be proud of because we all contribute to its wealth out of choice, not its demise out of ignorance and lack of choice.


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