A Family Dies, The Country Cries, and GMA still lies...

In the following piece, you will find adoration, history, and at least one typo. However, nowhere in this article will you find the truth...

Cory Is Dead, Get Over It.

This presents me with great opportunity, as it does some frustration, to expose the constant glossing over of the Aquino dynasty. When the mainstream media mentions Tita Cory, it is always with fond memories and gyrating adjectives. When I, and millions of detractors think of her, it is with disdain because of the way Marcos was usurped and handed over to the dogs. Almost quite literally. I would venture to guess that if you are reading GRPshorts, you have an inkling that maybe, just maybe, all those people in the "power people movement" didn't really care whether Marcos was in power or not as long as they could sort of make ends meet every day. Maybe just maybe, all those jologs she ransacked from the squatter encampments didn't have a clue as to how to fix the situation but she offered herself as their messiah and they gladly offered.

This is the Aquino legacy I present to you today and it isn't emotive-headline friendly, but I can tell you it is beautifully painted as the raw veritas that few of us want to remember; particularly the media hogs who are keeping such dynasties in power because they are funded by them. I hope that, if anything, the tambays who shed a tear for ol' Noy when he finally kicks the bucket (if he doesn't get murdered while still in office. He seems to be working on the same ending as daddy quite nicely.) are aware that they are crying because they got duped into supporting two generations of brand name commercialized idiocy at the expense of their kababayan and all the potential this country holds.


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