Mediocrity rules everything in Da Pinas

"Why is your country so poor despite the fact that you - as a people - have the greatest potential to lord it over the rest of Southeast Asia: you're talented, you're skilled, you use English, you're creative, etc????" -Orion PĂ©rez D. getting "the big question" ad nauseam by Singaporeans

One word: Mediocrity. Mediocrity rules everything in Da Pinas. From manufacturing "standards" to education to government on all levels, mediocrity reigns supreme. Even the entertainment is half class. I used to think it was the hot weather, but if that was the case, all of SE Asia would be in slow motion. The time for people that care is long overdue; they must come out of their foxholes, their abominable silence, and switch on the lights for the rest of the country. We must show the world that we are more than the world's maids, au pairs, teachers, and nurses. We must show we have abilities beyond singing, dancing, breeding, and acting retarded in the streets at 3am with our barkadas. Our supremacy in Asia has been dormant, let us galvanize and revolutionize the Philippines!


  1. But it is the mediocres in the country who are the ones who has the guns and the goons =(

  2. Indeed, the weapons are in the hands of the mediocre goons but that's the point of reform and revolution: the power of ideas being played out. This is where the people of GRP comes in! Yes, even you. Gone are the days of the Aquinos grabbing tambays and jologs in order to oust a presidency. We proudly proclaim change will come by innovative means and with 21st century tools, not old school military junta and "padrino" politics.


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