Filipinos need to toughen up!

Enough with the victim mentality, folks! Just prove your worth. This country needs fewer crybabies and more go-getters to be able to move forward.

So you think someone is bullying you? Try being a blogger. I have been called "stupid" so many times just because some BOZO thinks his opinion is way better than mine. I have become thick skinned and have developed the ability to say, so what?!? I hope you do too.

We can't please everybody. We'll always have detractors. Just go read the comment section of any of my articles and you will realize how nasty it can get. But life is too short to worry about what some insignificant person has to say about you and your beliefs. Only those who are not too sure about their own principles tend to get affected by their critics anyway.

Double check your beliefs and find out if your convictions are strong enough to withstand any criticism that will go your way. If you have doubts, it means the principles with which you live by is just a veneer or a front that can be easily stripped away. In other words, it is not real.

However, if you are confident about where you stand, my advice is to simply toughen (the f***) up!


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