Better and best rather than just good

In writing about Philippine politics and society in general, I often come across Filipinos who get offended by my "no holds barred" criticism of the country and its people. They quickly defend the mediocrity in the country by saying, "Don't be too harsh on Filipinos. It is worse in India" or whatever third world country they perceive to be in worse condition than the Philippines. I find that kind of statement so lame. It is an excuse for defending the status quo.

In saying that there are countries in worse situations than ours, we congratulate ourselves for being better while doing minimal work. We therefore come across as a people who are content with inferior workmanship or what is called "pwede na yan". Which is why we remain who we are today, a nation of braggarts and show offs living in third world conditions.

Like what I said in my previous article...

Until Filipinos learn the real meaning behind the adjective word "good" in its comparative and superlative form, "better" and "best", we cannot consider our society "resilient."

Unfortunately, most Filipinos actually take comfort in the thought that if the Philippines is bad, in their mind, some countries are worse or the worst off. And I do believe that Filipinos are still waiting for the day when things go from bad to worse before they do something more drastic to uplift their condition.


  1. Like they say, the initial reactions ain't always good (or better in your case), but they will appreciate it later on.

  2. I find a similar attitude among expats as well, along the lines of "well, it's a third world country, what else did you expect?" or a hotel reviewer "Hotel **** was really bad, even allowing for its being in Philippines." I think that is really patronising and not doing our hosts any favours if we don't hold them to the same standards as the rest of the world.

  3. this is why our country is stagnant, we always look at the lower side taking comfort on it. whereas we can do better. As what i usually here here in Qatar, mas magaling pa tayong pinoy sa mga yan... ( the question in my mind is, hiw come they arer our boss?)

  4. I agree! We need to say, and comment and tell that its not good enough. WE that knows the difference is also responsible for letting them know that is isnt good enough!

  5. Reminds me of the fable about the 'Emperor's New Clothes'. The illusion is only shattered if someone points it out. Filipinos are happy to live an illusion, hence the animosity when reality threatens to intrude on that denial.

  6. To the educated and the upper class men, or even the Filipino middle and working class, the strive for better and best may have come in their hopes and dreams, but to the masses and the majority poor, ignorance and hopelessness keep them from aspiring for more, ive been to the countryside to where the poor are, and i pity them coz i thought they're in need of something better, but to my dismay most of them felt a contented life, and were not asking for more, "bahala na", "okay lang kami", "wala kaming magagawa", "mahirap lang kami" are a few words they spoke and believed they cant do much for themselves, sad but this things happens to most Filipinos!


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