A new Pinoy creed

I choose to live by choice and not chance (fatalistic thinking, a common pinoy trait)to make changes, not excuses (need i say more?)

to be motivated, not manipulated (be thou not swayed at the polls, much less everyday life. Being motivated to go abroad is about the only thing pinoys have to their legacy right now)

to be useful, not used (filipinos get used on a regular basis because they leave themselves open to chance, which opens the door for mediocre circumstances and thus dramatic situations. I call it being addicted to the "struggle" or self sabotage..and i think part of it stems from the trashy novelas we're all exposed to in this country)

to excel, not to compete (excelling is frowned upon by crab mentality, when in fact it should be the norm with as much talent and population as we have. do not compete with others, be the standard. forget about saving hiya and set the bar high!)

i choose self esteem, not pity (self esteem and confidence are different than vanity and narcissism, another common pinoy trait. self pity only has a home in a mediocre society)

I choose to listen to my inner voice, not the random voice of others (this harks back to the point about being manipulated)


  1. Kanoy, imbes na magdasal nang our father bago matulog; ito na lang ang aking irerecite sa sarili. Sigurado mas mag-iimprove ang aking buhay kaysa sa pagdarasal.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I'll use it for an upcoming T-Shirt design.


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