Time is ripe for a Marcos political comeback

Cayetano is still not well received by the general public. While Marcos may have lost a platform, the zeal of his supporters hasn't diminished. Should Marcos run for Senator in 2019, he's a shoo-in for the seat. It's just a question of ranking.

[In reference to the Manila Bulletin article In the void: Cayetano rising, Marcos waiting]

While Cayetano may have wrangled a prestigious and prominent post in the Cabinet, his failure to live up to expectations is enough to do him in for 2022 as he's made no secret of his Presidential ambition. He is positioning himself as Duterte's anointed.

The make-up of the administration's 2019 Senatorial slate will determine the cast of candidates for 2022. The Yellowtards will surely field Robredo who will surely lose miserably. Look to a Robredo-Pangilinan tandem.

Given the showing of BBM last year, the Marcos' realize that the time is ripe for a political comeback at the national level. There may be one or two Marcos' in the administration slate come 2019 - Imee and Bongbong or Imee alone.

What would be a formidable pairing in 2022 is Marcos-Duterte in the persons of Imee and Inday. Bongbong could opt to remain in the Senate and become Senate President.

Should the push to Federalism be successful, either Marcos would do well as President or Prime Minister.

The picture should be clearer by 2019.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


  1. Marcos apologia must be hip for its own good to say that it was golden era and peaceful period under Marcos.

  2. Not Federalism, but conservatism and nationalism is what we need. We need more military might and authoritarian government to trample rights and liberties.

    Marcos Loyalists need to bring back 1973/1935 constitution.


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