Expat married to Pinay baffled by need for house maid

Why does my wife need a live-in maid that is a relative that we do not pay?

I got married to a Filipina and this was the first thing that she wanted to do, have a relative work as a maid for us for free. We had a big argument. We have no kids and I really thought it was wrong to not pay a person for working.

I was really surprised when I talked about this at my University here in the Philippines, nearly everyone agreed with my wife and told me that it is the best way to take care of poor family members. I was shocked. My wife and I finally came to agreement that made everyone mad, if we get an live in maid. We will pay her fair wages and she will have two days off a week.

My wife has now decided to do all the household chores with me rather than have me pay for a maid.

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  1. Slavery still exists in the Filipino mindset:

  2. hate that kind of people...

  3. My cousin took care of me when we I was young but were paid. My mom even asked her if she wants to go to college but she don't. I guess it depends on how they were brought up.

  4. Cuz you're wife is FUCKED stupid.....her mindset is way back from her 60's.....

  5. That's why a lot of expat wives want their husbands to be assigned in Phil, there's yaya available for their kids.


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