Filipinos rely on servants because they are lazy

The reason there are servants in the Philippines is because of the laziness of Filipinos. There is a lack of work ethic and working hard is a foreign concept to many. This, among other reasons, is why Filipinos grow up and live with their parents and mooch, because they are used to others doing things for them. They have no ambition.

This woman, “Lola”, was a slave. Filipinos really cannot complain about colonialism when many of them treat their own people like garbage. The social ladder exists in society, and is no different than other countries. Employing a domestic servant is a status thing. There are many Filipinos who work as servants overseas, and are treated like garbage. This is a product of desperation due to poverty and a country that cannot create jobs. The solution? Stop having babies!

The Servant mentality is there and, due to the shit culture, Filipino women are raised with even more of a servant mentality. This is why I have noticed a large % of foreign males who marry Filipinas want a woman who will serve them like a slave. These Americanos I have met are losers and no Americano woman would put up with them. Filipinas, with their conditioned low self-esteem, will.

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  1. Dismissing Filipinos as lazy is racist. Jose Rizal wrote about this topic in great length in his essay On The Indolence of the Filipinos.

    Colonizers designated Juan Tamad (Lazy Juan) as the iconic symbol of the Filipino- to objectify and dehumanize their colonial subjects. Believing in such a myth, with enough people agreeing on it- will render Filipinos as what tyrants and invaders want them to be- as an inferior race.

    To be called Filipino is a badge of honor and has to be earned. It is citizenship to one`s country and there are responsibilities one must undertake to deserve that citizenship.

    People who are lazy, possessing crab mentality, always late, etc.....are not Filipinos.

    They have yet to aspire and strive to better themselves in order to be called Filipinos- just as every nation on earth should encourage their citizens to be the best they could to deserve the nation they choose to identify with honor and dignity.

    Fellow Filipinos who hurl this at themselves show signs of internalized oppression and mental captivity to anything other than their own selves.

  2. See what you think. If this writer is telling the truth or not. It will be interesting because, a lot of what he is saying is true. But not all. It depends on the upbringing of a man. His generalization is very disrespectful to Filipinos.

    We grew up in a family with helpers. My mother was a stay at home mom with many children to tend to. She needed help with 10 children. 7 boys and three girls but when the eldest girl was in the fifth grade , all the helpers were gone, to teach the girls to work at home, although, the boys were taught the same things.
    After the helpers were gone everyone got double helpings of the daily chores.

    Now, there are households that employ maids but they treat them like slaves not helpers. The maids have a different menu for meals than the family.

    But there are households that treat maids as helpers or is that training that i learned from my family. The maids were hired to help you, and you help them.

    And you are responsible for them and their family. Their problem becomes your problem if you care for your help, that when they leave from our employ, they come back to visit you. If they want vacation time from their life in the country, they come whether they are needed or not. They feel that they are welcome to stay for a time. They bring their children and family. They become part of the extended family.

    So for this author to generalize that Filipinos rely on servants because they are lazy is very wrong. He must have been exposed to those Filipinos who thinks they are royalty and treats their help badly, and sometimes these help are their relatives or from poor relations. Maybe the author have experienced being treated like slaves and thinks these maids are lower than them. This is exception to the rule.

    Many get help because they need help. Helpers take the job because they need work that pays and they have something to eat tegularly. It is a symbiotic relationship.

    A long time ago, women are very few in the workplace. Now, almost every household is a two income household. They need help to care for the house and be there for the children.

    This author better takea survey to prove his generalization.


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