Marawi City: a lawless no-go-zone where stolen goods from Mindanao end up

Marawi city is a lawless place. Carnapped cars and stolen motorcycles in Mindanao usually end there. I remember an incident before where the service pick up of a soft drinks salesman got lost and later was found in Marawi.

There are no van salesmen going there not even medreps for fear of being held up or kidnapped for ransom. In Marawi, it is not uncommon to see cars parked beside payag looking houses. When the airport in Baloi was still operating, those Marawi natives taking a flight strut around like arrogant spoiled brats treating airport personnel and those around them like servants.

The only time they behave is when they are in Iligan where they do their groceries and shopping. I find it rather odd that we are sending relief goods to a community who refuse to reach out and not show any welcoming gesture for as long as one can remember.

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