Fear mongering Martial Law Crybabies shove Imperial Manila rhetoric down Mindanao's throat

It seems that the Martial Law crybabies are now having an allergic attack following the "triggering" declaration of Martial Law after the terror attack in Marawi.

They seem to be conveniently oblivious to the fact that this is 2017, not the 1970s, and reducing the validity of its declaration to the festering Marcos era argument is simply a futile attempt at fear mongering. Let us look at the facts here:

Marawi is in Mindanao, specifically in the ARMM, a region that is one step away from seceding from the central government. To say that ManileƱos are stupid for assuming that the feared effect of Martial Law will be what they are crying about is an understatement. Hell, the fear of Martial Law is a Manila thing. Marcos didn't wreak havoc in either Visayas or Mindanao, he wreaked havoc mostly only in the National Capital Region. Forcing Mindanaoans to swallow the Manilan Anti-Martial Law pill causes a disconnect that will only further divide an already broken country.

Also, if unless mine eyes and ears are deceiving me, then we can say that the multiple reports of relief and safety there for the last 24 hours is merely a convoluted propaganda. But that is giving too much credit to a reviled "dictator" such as Rodrigo Duterte.

Fact is, the past and current status quo of Manila is different to that of Marawi. Discipline imposed through Martial Law and the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus is a "necessary evil" to ensure that the State can protect itself from the threats of terrorism. Stating that it opens doors to military abuse (taking in consideration the extremeness of the situation and all legal implications therein) is simply fear mongering.

It's simple, really: You don't want to be apprehended? Then keep your head down. As it stands, it is already hard enough to separate friend from foe especially when you consider that the terrorists are brothers in faith of the Muslims in Marawi.

What these hipster ManileƱos seem to cannot get around their heads is that not everything can be done through a soft touch. There are times that you'll have to impose an iron hand on a few that will ultimately preserve the many. The declaration of Martial Law is one of them. The problem with the Filipino mentality is that it cannot handle even the infinitesimal attempts at discipline that it cries foul at every turn they are put in line.

Ultimately, we all really are spoiled, crybabies who needed a much-deserved spanking.

Ronn Zantua as posted on Facebook.


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