'Terror has no religion', #PrayForMarawi, and other moronisms following the Marawi City crisis

So while the battle rages on in Marawi City, the different species of buffoons in social media are once again congregating airing their collective stupidity. I for one believe that the true nature of people can be observed in times of crisis.

Here, we observe the sneaky yellows and minions of the Liberal Party shouting "Nasaan ang Pangulo" (Where is the president) and even have the gall to compare this scenario when the so-called Dutertards cried "Nasaan si Leni" (where is Leni) during the typhoon in Naga late last year. These idiots seem to be conveniently oblivious to the fact that the president is in Russia. Comparing this to the Leni incident is oranges to apples. There is no weather forecast that can foretell the coming of a terrorist attack while Leni persistently pushed through with her vacation despite the weather forecast informing her about the typhoon that will soon hit Naga.

Next we see western Libtard-wannabes defending Islamic faith in the name of political correctness, stating that "terrorism has no religion." While strictly technically true, these dears seem to be conveniently oblivious to the fact that the Maute terrorists declared allegiance to ISIS--a terrorist group justifying their atrocities in the name of Islam. And hey, if an ideology is making you to commit such acts, I wouldn't exactly call it a religion of peace.

Then we see the outrage faddists with their usual hashtag (#) Pray for Marawi hullaballoo. Instead of me seeing relevant news in my feed regarding the development of the crisis, I instead see their idiotic attempt at being relevant at such a time. If anything, their hashtag battlecry should be "Pray for brains." Same goes for the yellows and LP minions.

Lastly, you have me, an observer with sociopathic tendencies who is resisting the urge to call everyone belonging on the above-mentioned categories an idiot. I know it's kind of inappropriate to say it at a time like this, but really, these types of people are not helping.

Ronn Zantua as posted on Facebook.


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