#PNoy set the precedent for unqualified candidates running for president in the #Philippines

To say that there is today a gloomy and depressing atmosphere may be an exaggeration. I think we are not there, but I can't explain what is going on. Haven't you noticed that in canteens, during coffee or lunch breaks, people are not talking of politics, and it is the election period? Maybe, they still watch or read the news, but just to get entertain and then to forget about it. Maybe, there is the feeling that there is nothing to hope for after 2016, I don't know.

I think by this same time leading to 2010, there was a livelier political conversation. I will conjecture that it was probably that there was Gordon and Gibo then. Middle class knew these two were going to lose, but ya know, when hope against hope is present, people tend to be talkative, and maybe that is what made 2010 a bit livelier.

And, that is where I think the injustice that PNoy has inflicted on the nation could be found, more than his crime related DAP, BBL, etc. That he should aspire for a position that is way, way over his head is a total injustice. I understand why certain academics still continue to praise PNoy in public, when in private they admit PNoy is f*ck$d. I think they are doing it for the sake of the youth and the institution of the Office of the President. To admit that the presidential chair was occupied by an idiot is to cut the legs of any successor to the Office. At the same time comes the realization that if indeed the dignity of the Office has been damaged, you are looking at generations before that could be fixed again. But, look at those who are planning to file their candidacy.

If PNoy was not an idiot and met the expectations of people in 2010, these presidentiables today would be ashamed of themselves to even think of getting to the Office.

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  1. Considering the LP is looking at an 18-year plan for their dicta-, er, "daang matuwid", to say we are f*cked is an understatement. These are dark days indeed.


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