A profound mindset of #poverty prevails in Philippine society

Poor people are poor because they think like poor people. It's really that simple. If they knew the fundamentals of financial management, or were prepared to educate themselves, they would cease to be poor. As it is, they wallow in their status as "poor people", and use it as an excuse for all sorts of debased behaviour.

The Philippines is exceedingly rich, and most so-called poor people are also rich. I've lost count of the number of "poor" people who come up to me offering to sell 3,5,10 hectares of land. Anyone with half a brain could get a very nice living from that amount of property. Predictably, of course, they've either done nothing with it for decades or ruined it with chemicals (I do occasionally go to have a look).

As for the government solving poverty: they're not going to do that because, as others already said, poverty is deliberately engineered so that the electoral machine is more easy to manipulate. They might spout the right buzzwords at the UN, but they have absolutely no interest in fixing the underlying problems.

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