#Singapore run like a business while #Philippines run like a Third World farm!

Highlighting the point that Singapore was tiny, only 716 Sq KM. So how did Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) make it into an International Power House, while Philippines got stuck? So, I crunched some numbers; the results are interesting.

PH has 18 Regions. Of those 18 Regions, only NCR is smaller in area than Singapore. The average area of the 18 Regions is 16,565 Sq KM.

PH population is 100,998,375 (2015 CIA).

Divide PH population by 18 Regions, you get an average Regional Population of 5,611,020.

So, each PH Region would have a population roughly equivalent to Singapore 5,674,472 (2015 CIA) and
an average area 23 times larger than Singapore.

Here's the scary part. Singapore's per capita GDP is US$ 82,800 (2014 CIA) and Philippines per capita GDP is US$ 7,000.(")

In 1965, LKY began running Singapore like a business (every Sq Meter generated US$ X), and Philippines like a Low Tech Hacienda (Cheap Labor, Low yield).

The good news is, Philippines can still develop all 18 Regions to Developed Nation Status within a few years, but we need to choose our leaders from a list "Best and Brightest", not a menu of the "Rich and Famous Dynasties".

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