Anti-dynasty Bill should be passed by referendum rather than via Congress

Our representatives have either failed or never intended to represent their constituents. Our votes only supported their perceived Divine Right to Rule OVER US, not WORK FOR US.

HOWEVER, Divine Right has a limited shelf life. Thirty years have passed and the Divine Ones still haven't dealt with Political Dynasty or FOI.

Senator Miriam Santiago filed 2 Bills dealing with Dynasties at the National and Local Levels, and both are pending in the Senate committee on electoral reforms and peoples' participation since 2013.

As the House and Senate are, by and large members of Political Dynasties, their inaction makes the case of conspiracy to remain in power, consciously depriving citizens of right to Constitutional Protection from Dynasties.

By using their office to receive control unconstitutional PDAF Funds, the case morphs into a Criminal Conspiracy, with or without contact with JLN et al.

I would suggest 1) Senator Santiago withdraw her bills from Senate Consideration and present them to the public to be adopted directly by Initiative and Referendum (Petition) My guess is both measures will win 90% popular support.

2) Passage of the Anti – Political Dynasty Law will effectively disqualify about 75% of the Senate, so this would be an opportune time to use Initiative and Referendum to change the election of the Senate to Direct Representation of the Regions (one Senator per Region), not elected "At Large" as it is now.

3) As a punitive measure for failure to represent the people, disqualified House and Senate members and their families will prevented to own stock in any enterprise with business before the State for a period of 30 Years or accepting any appointed Cabinet, Agency or Department office for 20 years.

4) To prevent Political Dynasties or Powerful Interests from selecting and promoting "Straw Candidates", campaign spending should be limited to P5 Million for National Office of P2 Million for Local Office.

5) As Philippines evolves from Aristocracy to Meritocracy, candidates with strong academic backgrounds and proven proficiency will tend to rise to the top, and top candidates will debate publicly, offering choices from among the "Best and the Brightest" instead of the "Rich and Famous" demonstrate their

These are just suggestions to return power to the People

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