#Filipinos for so long trained not to think

I was recently reading some essays by a man who lived through the very worst of the violence in Africa after those countries were "released" from colonialism.

One day all was orderly and clean, the next there were psychopaths roaming the streets killing, raping and maiming. The people out committing violence were the exact same people who – just a few days before under Colonial rule – were fine upstanding citizens.

The author's opinion was that the authorities had never made their subjects THINK. They had simply enforced a rule-driven protocol upon them which didn't actually fit with some deeply-held (and fundamentally flawed) beliefs. They natives had been treated as children – because, no doubt, they were on that mental level – and had never been pressured to grow beyond that.

I see this happening right now in the Philippines today. Not only are Filipinos not trained to think, they're deliberately trained not to. The entire school curriculum is based on a toxic combination of rote-learning, cheating (which is accepted as normal), and boneheaded nationalist indoctrination.

The result is an entire country full of people who have never considered moral questions very deeply. They're running on autopilot. Kept under pressure by a Duterte, they'll behave themselves. But they don't really know WHY they should, apart from the fact that they'll be shot if they don't.

That's no way for adults to behave. It's time for Filipinos to grow up.

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