Proposed ballot option in #Philippines #Election2016: 'Find me another candidate!'

I hope in amending the Constitution, they will insert another option during elections among the presidential and vice-presidential candidates in the ballot - "Find me another candidate."

Actually, this is what I felt in 2010.

And if the "Find me another candidate" get the most votes, COMELEC will be duty-bound to repeat the process of finding a new set of candidates. Oh those who lost, well, "sorry, the majority have spoken and they don't like you. You had your chance."

If only we can divide the Philippines. I mean those who will vote for Binay may have their own Philippines and the same goes for those who will vote for Roxas and the rest. I have always prepared my mind to accept majority rule in the spirit of democracy. However, I don't think I'm ready to do that now, basing it on the generation of voters in the last few decades. So, if any of these candidates wins, I hope they will leave the country and take their voters with them elsewhere. Find another island with their new president and suffer his incompetence among themselves. I'm not one of those who put him in office so I'd like to be saved from his incompetence.

The next national elections is less than a year from now. So far, no obvious aspirants have laid their platforms yet even just a hint (I mean the good intentions because I already sensed one aspirant's corrupt intentions). Like an HR officer, I can only hear desires to apply but they have not yet submitted their CVs, which is of course not yet the time. But at least make use of their media exposure to lay down their ideas so I can at least have a feeling of their qualifications. What are they doing when the camera is with them? Hmm... - mudslingings, TV appearances to play with the host, interviews to say that they will support this and that candidates and TV advertisements showing their heroic deeds and efforts when actually it is their job and the people shouldn't even take that as debt of gratitude and instead should ask for more! (dapat nga tinatanong pa yan ng "P#*@ 'yan lang ba ang ginawa mo?") - what hurts me is I can see a lot of people have already made their choices based on these! (Sometimes I'd like to think PR business in the country is easy but really sucks).

I'm really itching to make these aspirants undergo a pre-employment written examination explaining why they should be hired as president of this country and explain it further in a panel interview so I can evaluate each of them and have an informed decision (or decide not to vote) this coming elections.

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