Some insight on Jeane Lim Napoles's blog when it was still accessible

I read her blog when it was still accessible. Apparently, all the money in the world won't buy you a sense of "subject-verb agreement".

Let's be honest, naiinggit ang karamihan na nakakita ng lifestyle niya. Who wouldn't want to have that?

But the reason why we're so pissed off is although her mom is not yet proven guilty, there's this overhanging premise na if this is indeed ill-gotten wealth, andami na sanang natulungan with the money from her Louboutins alone.

And yes, I want to know what her businesses are. I think I saw sa news na they have a coal mining business. Are there any corporate lawyers here who can join the discussion? How big should a coal mining business be in order to provide that type of lifestyle? I have a friend whose family owns a big coal mine in a province near ours but her family's lifestyle doesn't come close to the Napoles lifestyle… unless they're hiding it pretty well.

But the question is… so what now? Baka makalimutan din to sa huli. Maybe after the sensation wala ring mangyayari. Or it would all happen again.

Different ring leader, same circus.

… and that's why I'm expediting my work visa. Hahaha!



  1. Your friend in the province... Coal mining business or coal selling?


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