A critique of #MyHusbandsLover

A friend of mine reposted a status of his friend on Facebook:

“Having watched almost one month worth of episodes of ‎#MyHusbandsLover I can’t help but be disappointed. What I initially thought as groundbreaking television show was actually just another teleserye about adultery (which is pretty much almost all of our teleseryes are about). The only difference is we have a married closeted gay man and another gay man as a third party.

Give me something that would further gay rights. Give me some insight to same sex relationship dynamics. Tell me how it is like to be a successful but closeted gay man in a very testosterone dominated company. Tell me how scary it is to have a homophobic family. Explain to me why there are relationships composed of two masculine gay man (or two flamboyant gay men) instead of one masculine and one flamboyant which is still the society’s concept of a gay relationship. Explain to me why it is easier for some people to accept someone’s sexual orientation and why it is harder for others. Give me some discussion about religion and spirituality and morality and homosexuality and how they mesh and clash and come together. And most importantly, give me a reason why I should root for two gay men to be together.

So far, Eric is just there to ruin Lali’s life. It’s not a good message to send out. Gay men do not exists to break-up marriages or make wives miserable.

This show could have been educational. It could have been socially relevant. It could have been revolutionary. It could have been one of the most important television shows… but so far it hasn’t been that. Yes it is a pioneer, and to an extent it is very bold. But a little more push and it could be great instead of bland. I hope it is still too early to change course, because it already has a good following and it would be a shame if it will be just another soap – titillating but weightless; provocative but irrelevant.”

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  1. The problem is that the writer has no concept about the true meaning of two men being attracted to each other emotionally, physically, socially and sexually, and therefore the disappointment. It is another stereotype protrayal of "gay relationships" probablhy the movie LIHIS is more promising.

    1. the writer has no concept i don't think so. in the movies they are given more freedom compare to tv dramas.

  2. Although the show might be bland, I think the story is actually about the negative consequences of being not true to yourself. I think this show tries to tell closeted gays a lesson. Although it doesn't specifically explain the whole idea of homosexuality, I think it is good enough for the "masa" to get an idea that such relationship exists, which will somehow make them open their eyes and perhaps reassess their opinions about homosexuality in general.

    I agree that this show is not revolutionary but rather "transitional." It is transitioning from traditional to a more liberal soap opera. It is actually better that way in my opinion because it is not being forced on the "masa." At least it has a pinch of liberality despite its "bakyaness." You see, it takes time and patience to educate people.

  3. I think you are missing the point. MHL is NOT about gay rights or the dynamics of a gay relationship or what it is like to be a gay man. Read the title of the show: My Husband's Lover. This is a story of a woman whose husband is in love with another man. This is HER story, not Vincent's nor Eric's.

    Although I agree that the writer could have used this medium to highlight gay relationships, at the very least.

  4. the show has been airing for only 4 weeks. Its too early to judge.

  5. I think the show wasn't meant to "further" gay rights.

    It's a show about a topic that few people want to discuss. What if your husband is gay and has a male lover?

    It's a typical "betrayal" storyline but this time it puts into highlight the thirdsex in a different light.

    It's not the usual parlorista gay and straight guy story too.

    But each to his own though.

  6. Parang its too early to critize this show at sabihin typical soap opera lang kasi 1 month pa lang at marami pang maaaring mangyari. Siguro dapat patapusin muna or at least half of it. Di gaya ng isang movie e 2 hours lang tapos na. Pls give it one more try. hihi anyways i love this show so much kahit na punuin pa nila to ng cliches, flaws, at kahit magmukhang music video sya ng One More Try ni Kuh Ledesma ay Ok lang. hehe

  7. this critique has so much burdens in his life. let the show ended before you conclude to your judgement

  8. I hope they will show the struggles of those gays from their childhood. So people will understand the pains of them being bullied.


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