Ampatuans and the NPA #andalampatuan #npa

It’s July 9, 2013. No one has been convicted since the hearings began in January 5, 2010—see Ampatuan Update. Witnesses and their relatives have been hunted down one after another—see Witness Killed and Mutilated. Kin of massacre victims agree to settle with Ampatuans—see Kin Settles.

Talk about a situation from bad to worse. Was there any doubt that the Ampatuans were responsible for the massacre? This was and remains an open-and-shut case. As if the Maguindanao Massacre itself was not sufficiently gruesome, more people have been killed and even more are being prostituted by a failed justice system.

It’s bad enough the Ampatuans and their cronies have not yet been convicted after all this time. Yet, they continue to dictate who lives and dies, and are even allowed to settle? They shouldn’t even have access to any of their ill-gotten wealth, which should have already been returned to the national coffers.

These monsters are still around doing their darnedest to save their despicable asses while raping and defecating on Lady Justice each excruciating step of the way.

Government has failed. Fight perversion with another perversion. Calling on the National People’s Army or the NPA for short. Make yourselves useful and boost your public relations ratings. Exterminate these pests once and for all.

(Submitted by GR Post author "Virtual Vigilante")


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