Poverty is a choice #squatters #poverty

I can only share what I know is true based on what I experience and observe within our baranggay.

You only have to observe and talk to the poor to see the difference between those who ended up squatting because of bad decisions and unfortunate circumstances, and those people with what I call "squatter mentality -" i.e. a severe case of entitlement.

The prior receives and treats government assistance as a sort of "kickstart" in getting the better life they came here for in the first place. They take advantage of TESDA, education projects, co-ops, etc. The latter lies back, drinks, shouts profanities, and then think that they deserve government help.I believe it's the latter that pisses most people off.

Also, another argument that keep popping up is that the squatters take on the jobs that the middle class refuse to take. Again, this is only based on where I currently live, but most tricycle drivers, house help, factory workers, etc, etc pay rent on legit properties. Those that aren't yet, are working on it.

It's that woman begging at the Cubao MRT station everyday saying she needs money to get home. Someone gives her the full amount she says she needs and more, yet you still see her at the station day after day. Versus the grandpa who asks for exactly P5 so he can ride a jeep home and went home right after he gave his thanks.

My point is, those who remain dirt poor for decades are either not looking or don't want to look for a way out. It's a choice.



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