I am an OFW. Deciding to be one was hard

I am an OFW. Deciding to be one was hard and being one is harder. As an OFW, we have to battle homesickness everyday. Living away from home and family is never easy, not to mention working with different nationalities with different culture and background. Of course, we all want to go home. Philippines will always be the only home for Filipinos. Just see the millions of OFW coming home for vacation every year. I think our number is greater than those tourists. So this led me to believe that we are keeping our airline industry alive. And who sends hundreds or thousands of dollars to the Philippine banks every month? It is the OFWs. It's true that our remittances are keeping the Philippine economy afloat. And majority of the consumers who have the highest spending power are families of OFWs. So yeah, we are keeping the Philippine economy alive.

Broken families or unhappy children happen to everyone. If you're a distant parent, it doesn't automatically follow that your child will hate you or your spouse will betray you. This all depends on our values as persons and on how we nurture our personal relationships.

Finally, I hope my kapwa pinoys, especially that blogger, will at least respect our contribution as OFWs. If we have become a problem, I hope our government will learn to use our contribution to improve the Philippines, thereby creating more jobs and better opportunities for all Filipinos. It will be our greatest dream to be able to go home and stay home.



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