Sotto the Pimp

Vicente “Tito” Sotto is no stranger to exploiting the ignorance of the common man. After all, his entire career from showbiz to politics has been nothing more than pimping “bread and circus”—just like Willie Revillame in Wowowee or whatever its latest version is on TV. By the way, I really enjoy watching the dancing girls around Willie for they indeed appeal to my basest instincts. The only difference is, Sotto has successfully pimped himself to the Senate; whereas, Willie has the decency to remain where he rightfully belongs.

As if to justify his political existence at an institution that is only perverted by his presence, Sotto pimps himself anew by pandering to the Almighty Catholic Church with an emotional performance, revealing “that he had an offspring who died due to complications which he believes arose from his wife, the actress Helen Gamboa-Sotto, having used birth control pills.” He went on to relate that it would have been the 37th death anniversary of his son.

Of course, Sotto’s constituents (more or less the same as the Wowowee constituents) would suck this up hook, line and sinker—much to the delight of the Anti-RH Bill sector of the Catholic Church. However, I see a pimp who is yet again exploiting another high profile issue to perpetuate his political irrelevance through emotional misinformation.

In a TV interview shortly after Sotto’s Anti-RH Bill speech, Dr. Alberto G. Romualdez Jr., former Secretary of the Department of Health, refuted any correlation between birth control pills and the death of Sotto’s child. Yet, this doesn’t matter to Sotto’s constituents. It also doesn’t matter that Sotto refuses to be accountable for the decisions and actions that he and his wife made over 37 years ago. Instead, he channels his personal guilt trip to pursue a so-called “mission” that (a) gains public approval for himself, (b) offers a superficial “do-nothing” diversionary palliative and (c) exacerbates the erosion and the ignorance of civic duty. Sotto pimp politics at its finest!

[This short write-up was sent in by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.]


  1. I regret reading this. no relevance between his job in media and his personal conviction on RH bill.

    There are legitimate concerns about the use of certain methods of preventing pregnancy and why the government has to keep spending infinitely for condoms etc instead of educating the poor and giving them better chances to get good jobs. Why not day care centers? Why not training at the barangay level on vocational courses?

    Relegating media people to remain in media is just the kind of thinking that says poor stays poor and they have no right to improve their lives. Same logic, right?

    In the same manner, why should we believe Dr. Romualdez - seems he may be pimping himself for possible gains from condom companies and the like - the perks doctors get are well documented in this country

    1. If I may sir/madam, in respect of what you have said the RH bill is a necessary now and it doesn't only concern of using condoms and contraceptives. RH bill has also the education you are trying to say. Every bill is constant with educational capable guides. Educating the poor maybe but impossible your dreaming. You can educate them today tonight after your class they will forget. It is not enough how you critic the administration to show your concern but we should ask ourselves what have we done to help this nation besides paying our taxes. Peace...

  2. Tumpak. Pinakita muli ni Tito Sotto ang tunay niyang kulay. Oportunistang trapo na pa-pogi lang sa masa. He does not add any value to the debate of a substantive issue. Lihis yung speech niya na mas nagpapabobo lang sa kanyang mga taga-suporta. Dapat lang bumalik siya sa Eat Bulaga dahil pampagulo lang siya sa Senado. Wala siyang karapatang manatili diyan para aksayahin ang panahon at pera ng mga Pilipinong nagbabayad ng buwis.

  3. This article should be entitled Sotto the Arrogant Lying Pimp. His recent anti-RH bill speech plagiarized from a blog. He refuses to admit it, much less, apologize for it--even though his staff already said so. The blogger herself pointedly called Sotto a "lying thief". He used her words to fight the RH Bill when the blogger clearly supported informed choice for women. Another reason why Sotto should stick to his song and dance number at Eat Bulaga.


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