More conflicting and anomalous accounts on the plane crash that killed Sec. Jesse Robredo #salamatjesse

More questions are coming up as to what really happened in the minutes before the plane crash in which Secretary Jesse Robredo and two pilots died (and in which Robredo's aide Jun Abrazado survived).

The Inquirer reported that Abrazado "embraced the secretary as they braced for impact but Abrazado lost consciousness when he hit his head on the back of the seat in front of him as they hit water". Does someone who loses consciousness as a result of a blow to the head remember the specific cause of his loss of consciousness? According to an article published by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS), people who suffer such a trauma or concussion "often cannot remember what happened immediately before or after the injury, and they may act confused." Furthermore, "a concussion can affect memory, judgment, reflexes, speech, balance and muscle coordination."

According to the Inquirer report, this was what supposedly happened as the plane sank: "Unable to find Robredo, Abrasado managed to eventually unfasten his seatbelt and swam out of the sunken plane." However, according to the Visayan Daily Star report, "Abrazado was able to unfasten his seat belt, then tried to loosen the seat belt of Robredo but to no avail."

So what really happened?


  1. The more Abrazado talk, the more the situation become complicated. No more cover-ups plz!!!

  2. ... it looks like Abrazado is really confused until now... it was a miracle which saved him from death! I believed in the innocence of the man who protected the life of Sec. Robredo in previous times... why not ask the other aides of the late Secretary who wasn't able to accompany him on that tragic day! ... by the way, I live in Masbate City, along the airport where the ill-fated plane supposedly landed on that day.

  3. You could consider the statement--falling unconscious because of hitting his head on the back of a seat--as a conclusion derived in hindsight to fill in the blanks.

    As for conflicting reports from different news sources, that happens. I have personal experience of this because a family member survived a vehicular accident involving government officials also. We gathered as many news articles as we can find. Reports ranged from dead, badly injured or perfectly fine.

    A better way to speculate, rather than focusing on people and psychology, is focusing on some hard science, like the plane crash itself and the physics involved. This will provide harder evidence of possible foul play.

  4. I dont understand why the author is trying to insinuate that there could have been a foul play with the accident. Besides his only source states the word "often cannot remember..." that those who suffered concussion or sudden loss of consciousness, yet Abrazado (somehow) remember things he thinks he did. The result of the study of the foreign agency still have some holes.

    Hey in that situation could you be more calm? Well, we can't give any hunch or malicious thougths because we're not the one who got in that near-death situation. Why can't we just be thankful that at least there was a survivor?! We all mourn for the loss of the good secretary but it was all an accident... It's like it's better to have no survivor at all if the good secretary will not survive? Pathetic... tsk tsk

    1. I totally agree with you. It seems like they would have been more thankful if everyone in the plane died.

  5. Conflicting? Anomalous? You're an idiot!

  6. I had an overload of doubts as to what really happened...not merely perhaps, but a must??? that the most credible international crash investigation authorities delve into these confusing details and help surface the truth, a truth that remained to be seen at least for critical thinkers??? first, why did the retrievers find the body of the nepalese pilot floating? was there a chance he could have been able to free himself and that rescuers failed to find him perhaps very hungry and dehydrated while floating for several days??? In my little experience in swimming...even the heavy objects or human body for that matter does not require so that much force to lift it underwater as compared to the ground considering the bouyancy of water that helps lighten the object...then why couldn't the 'lone' survivor pull the Secretary out of the fuselage??? Why didn't he bother to tell who remained inside the plane if he kept on saying that he managed to unfasten his seatbelt to free himselt while only just chest deep submerged, he could still vividly looked around to check his companions for a count??? If it is true that he found it hard to unfasten Robredo's seatbelt then why did the retrievers (divers) say that Robredo wasn't fastened to his seatbelt already??? who unfastened him???the water current??? or Was Robredo 'awakened' from being unconscious during the plane plunge and freed himsfelf to no avail as the survivor already left??? or, has Robredo really been able to siwm up the surface but died floating (if there was a cover-up)???...Was the Magsaysay award, a coded fate for Robredo to have the same fate as Ramon Magsaysay died on a plane crash??? Yes the period of grief and mourning is in the air but doesn't the people deserve the true information all the time??? in case there was a 'sarzuela' do the people behind have the right to enjoy plotting another gruesome tragedy that lists you as their next victim??? DON'T I HAVE THE RIGHT under the Geneva Convention to ask these questions??? NAKAKABOBO ANG MGA BALITA..

  7. i love this kind of questions; lets add some conspiracy theory....the secretary uncovered that the proceeds of the sale of assets ( the ones before it are being pocketed by high ranking officials. The government are selling a lot of government assets that are not being shown in our local news.

  8. the writer is sick

  9. Hello! I am actually interested in one thing, of course if I'm not asking too much could you please tell us your place of origin?


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